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Oct 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: News & Announcements

As we’ve previously announced, starting with issue 25 (December 2010) the editorship of Crossed Genres magazine is being turned over to Jaym Gates and Natania Barron. As we’ve developed the transition, Jaym, Natania, Kay and Bart have spoken at great length about the form and direction of Crossed Genres. Based on those conversations, we’re implementing some changes in how the magazine operates and publishes. Most of those changes are outlined below.

1) Print and ebook publications will now be quarterly. There will still be monthly online publications, but the print and ebooks will release once every three months. The monthly online releases will consist solely of fiction for now (most likely 5 stories); in the future we hope to bring back articles to our monthly releases.

2) Each quarterly release will contain previously unpublished content. The print and ebook publications will contain all the content published online in the previous 3-month period, plus additional fiction and articles. The quarterlies will also have original wrap-around cover art, just like the first 24 issues of Crossed Genres. A typical quarterly will contain 15 stories that were published online, 3 previously unpublished stories, and 1-3 nonfiction articles. They will most likely range from 75,000-85,000 total words.

3) Pay rates and rights requested will remain the same. We ask for 1 year exclusive online rights and 1 year exclusive print/ebook rights. Fiction and articles still pay a flat rate of $10 USD.

4) The Subscribers Area is being phased out. Subscriptions have never gained any foothold for Crossed Genres, so we’ve decided to stop accepting new subscriptions. Current subscribers will continue to receive free ebooks (including all the material not published online), as well as discounts and other special benefits, while their subscriptions are still current.

5) Some of the upcoming monthly genres have been changed. We typically post the next 5 upcoming monthly genres on the Current Genre page. While the next 3 months (through January 2011) are remaining the same, the previously posted genres for February & March have been changed. If you’d been planning a submission to one of those issues, please check the website.

There may be some other minor changes, but these are the primary ones you can expect to see, starting around December 1 with the release of issue 25 (Celebration).

We realize that these are some major changes, and we’re optimistic that they’ll be big improvements for everyone. The quarterly print and ebook editions will be much cheaper than what the same 3 issues would have cost when purchased monthly. The changes also allow us to further streamline the process of publication, enabling Jaym and Natania to dedicate themselves to further improvements, like a revamp of the website. It’s also our sincere hope (although we can’t guarantee it yet) that these changes will enable us to raise our pay rates in the relatively near future, something we’ve wanted to do since we founded Crossed Genres.

Big thanks to Jaym and Natania for the enthusiasm they’re showing in their new roles; and thank you to everyone who’s helped Crossed Genres get this far!

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