Celebrate Imagination (And Bastian’s 3rd B-day!)

May 27th, 2009 | By | Category: News & Announcements

If there’s anything important to know about Bart and I, it’s that we share two great loves: Science Fiction/Fantasy, and our son Bastian. Many of you have already figured out the most obvious connection between our SFF love and our parental love, but for those who missed it, YES, we did name our firstborn child after the main character in THE NEVERENDING STORY by Michael Ende. And yes, we know our ‘geek’ is showing.

As proud parents of both an imaginative little boy and an imaginative little magazine, we’ve decided to celebrate both on one auspicious occasion; that of Bastian’s 3rd birthday this coming Sunday. How will we do that? By encouraging you to share the imagination! And since we can’t/won’t offer up Bastian (though we sometimes lend him out), we’re offering up the magazine!

On Sunday (5/31), readers will once again be able to subscribe to Crossed Genres for only $7.50! But here’s the catch: during the sale, you need to buy a subscription for someone else! You’ll be given the chance to buy a “coupon” (for $7.50) good for a 100% discount off a 1-year subscription. Just give that coupon to a friend or relative (or a complete stranger) and they can come to the site to sign up for their free subscription! And if you do buy a subscription for someone else, then you can also buy one at the discounted price for yourself! Remember, that’s an entire year of free downloadable issues PLUS access to subscribers-only content for less than the cost of a single hardcopy issue!

Due to space constraints and budget concerns (not to mention the vast physical distances between many of us), we can’t invite everyone to the party we’re throwing for Bastian at our house. But even though you can’t all come decorate your own ice cream monstrosities with us, you can still celebrate imagination by sharing Crossed Genres with the people you love. (How’s that for a sales pitch?)

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