Crossed Genres Magazine – the last Kickstarter! (we hope)

Apr 2nd, 2014 | By | Category: News & Announcements

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign! If successful, the campaign will fund Crossed Genres Magazine, and we think – we hope – it’ll be the last crowdfunding the magazine ever needs.

Crossed Genres Magazine is a monthly Science Fiction & Fantasy magazine. Each issue has a new theme, where all stories combine the theme with speculative elements. In mid-March, the magazine was made an official qualifying professional market for Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)! We reserve at least one spot in each issue for a story and interview by a new author who’s never had a pro-rate sale before. Every issue is free to read on our website.

The Kickstarter will fund a full year of issues from Crossed Genres Magazine. This includes a pay rate boost from $0.05/word to $0.06/word, keeping us in line with SFWA qualifying rates, which go up July 1. Stretch goals could raise our rates even higher, get us a new reader-friendly website, and even add an extra story to each issue!

And if everything goes well, it should be enough to push the magazine into sustainability! While there are no guarantees against the unexpected, our existing subscription base is well over halfway there, and the Kickstarter should be enough to push us over the top, with a bit of a cushion to cover for normal attrition/retention.

Those who follow Crossed Genres know we actively encourage submissions of stories featuring underrepresented groups in SFF: characters of color, QUILTBAG characters, disabled characters, and more. This ties directly to the mission of Crossed Genres Publications: to give a voice to people often ignored or marginalized in SFF, which has led us to publish titles focused on older women, overweight women, immigration, skilled laborers, QUILTBAG families, and people marginalized throughout history. This has caused some opponents of inclusion to use us as an example of “everything wrong with Science Fiction & Fantasy today”, a title we’ve happily embraced. (We’re even offering related stickers as a backer reward!)

Other rewards include t-shirts, giant book bundles, lifetime subscriptions, original portraits, cover art prints, critiques, and more! Please consider supporting the magazine with a pledge – just $15 gets you a year’s ebook subscription. That’s only $1.25 per issue!

We have 4 weeks to make it happen. Thanks!

-The CG Editors

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