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Sep 8th, 2010 | By | Category: News & Announcements

September marks two years since we launched Crossed Genres. At that time it was just a concept, an idea. We spent three months pulling together the first issue, learning as we went, and Issue 1 was released on December 1.

Crossed Genres is no longer only the magazine. In March we launched Science in My Fiction blog. We’ve run the Science in My Fiction contest, and two annual Flash Fiction contests. We released a yearly collection, have begun serializing two novels (A Festival of Skeletons and Broken Slate), and in December will publish the first of those novels in print & digital. We also have plans in motion for our second annual collection, and a stand-alone anthology; we’ll shortly begin publishing monthly short stories on Science in My Fiction; and there are numerous other projects either in the works or still in concept mode. We’ve brought aboard slush readers, an assistant editor, and will soon be adding more to the CG staff.

Through all of that, we’ve put out a new issue of Crossed Genres every month. As we approach the end of our second year, we’re very proud to say that we have never missed an issue, or even been late with one. There have been occasional snags along the way, and some adversity to work through, but we’ve learned from all of it and used that knowledge to make CG better.

After two full years, we feel that it’s time for a change. The magazine has been a wonderful experience, and its growth has exceeded all our expectations. But our other projects have taken up more and more of our time, and after thinking about it long and hard we finally concluded that we’re ready to shift our attention away from the magazine itself.

Following Issue 24 – the end of our 2nd year – Kay Holt and Bart Leib will be stepping down as active Editors of Crossed Genres magazine. It’s the right decision, logistically and structurally, if not emotionally. And while we’re somewhat sad, we’re also looking forward to seeing what the new editors will bring to the magazine!

Jaym Gates is creator and co-editor of the anthology Rigor Amortis, forthcoming from Absolute Xpress, and is working on a number of other anthologies. Jaym founded and runs #zinechat, a series of realtime chats with guest speakers on Twitter about all things specfic. She’s an intern at Fantasy Magazine. Somehow, she still finds time to write.

Natania Barron is the founder of Outer Alliance, a group dedicated to advocating for queer speculative fiction. She’s a contributing writer for’s GeekDad, and a founding Editor & contributor for the just-launched GeekMom. She’s also a prolific writer, and has been published in Weird Tales, Bull Spec, and the Dark Futures anthology, amongst others.

We’re in the process of slowly turning over the running of the magazine to Jaym and Natania; they will take over full editorial duties beginning with Issue 25, the first issue of our 3rd year. Crossed Genres will still be published by Crossed Genres Press. There are no plans to change the structure of the magazine (monthly releases, a different genre every month, etc.) The founding editors Bart and Kay are still the publishers, but intend to give the new editors as much freedom as possible to make Crossed Genres magazine their own.

Please join us in welcoming Jaym Gates and Natania Barron as the soon-to-be Editors of Crossed Genres magazine!

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