Crossed Genres Publications to close magazine in order to focus on novels & anthologies

Oct 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: News & Announcements

Hi to all CGP fans!

In September, we passed the three year mark since Crossed Genres was formed. Back then it was only a magazine, with few resources and almost no visibility. But since then, that little zine has grown into Crossed Genres Publications, a small press publishing not just the zine, but also anthologies, collections and novels. We also spun off the Science in My Fiction blog, ran a big SiMF short story contest, ran two successful Kickstarter campaigns, and consistently reach thousands of people each month.

As we approached our three-year mark, we talked a lot in Crossed Genres HQ about CG’s future, our successes and failures, and the direction we want to take. Ultimately we concluded that our focus was shifting pretty clearly towards our novel and anthology publications: With two novels and an anthology published in the past 10 months, two more anthologies arriving by February, and more books in the works, it’s fairly obvious to us. Even the zine was moved from monthly print/ebook/online publications to only being online monthly, with the print and ebook editions collected into Quarterlies (each easily the length of a full anthology).

We also talked about how our attention always seemed to be spread thin across many different projects and responsibilities. While we delegated some of our tasks to our wonderful volunteer staff, we felt that we weren’t able to give each project all the attention it deserved.

After a much consideration, a lot of analysis and a fair bit of hemming and hawing, we’ve decided that we need to make some changes to Crossed Genres Publications. We want to narrow CGP’s focus and dedicate ourselves wholly to the areas we maintain and promote.

Because of that decision, it’s with a great deal of sadness that we announce that Crossed Genres Magazine will be closing after the conclusion of its third year. Issue 36 (Submissions in October, publication in December) will be the final issue; Quarterly 4 (Publication in January 2012) will be the final quarterly.

We’ve been thinking about the potential of closing the magazine for a long time (over a year). Interest in the zine has declined some, and while there’s still a core of followers, readership has been shrinking, not growing. That, combined with the time and resources necessary to keep it running, means that it simply doesn’t make sense to keep the zine any longer.

It makes us sad – the zine is what started CG and we still love it. But just so we’re clear: We do NOT see the closure of the zine as a bad thing. We’re not doing it because of financial problems, or the lack of desire to run another fundraiser, or because we’ve grown sick of it. We’re doing it because we truly believe that CG magazine has run its course and has reached the point where it’s ready to be retired. We don’t believe it should go out on a sour note, but with a round of cheers for the unquestionable success it had. The zine put us in the position where we can make this transition and keep our publishing company going, albeit in a new direction.

With this in mind, we want the zine’s send-off to be exceptional. We’re currently accepting submissions for the final issue (submissions close on October 31). As with previous years, the final issue of the year will be an extra-large issue. The theme for the issue is DIFFERENT – what it means to be different; who and what decides or defines our differences, and why; what sets us apart and how can differences bring us together?

For this issue, we are open to all types of media. Previously we haven’t accepted poetry, or podcasts, or photography; now we are. We’ll even consider longer or shorter pieces of writing. (maximum 10,000 words though!) This will make the final issue – well, different from anything we’ve published before.

And we’re looking for as diverse a body of submissions as possible to choose from! We want submissions with characters of color, quiltbag characters, disabled characters, elderly or child M/C’s. We want underrepresented perspectives!

If you’re a writer, an artist, a photographer – if you have something you think will help us portray Different – please consider sending it in. Help us to make the final issue of Crossed Genres Magazine something truly special – help us close it out with a BANG!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported Crossed Genres with such dedication over the past three years. We hope that you’ll stick with us as we publish new things, and we promise to put all our energy and passion into making those new publications as exciting and impressive as you’ve come to expect from us.


Bart & Kay
Publishers, Crossed Genres Publications

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  4. This sucks, I’m 15 and I hoped that at some point I would have the time to finish a story and submit it here. I love this magazine, I’ve been reading it faithfully over the last year but I won’t read novels, that’s the whole reason I love this, during the school year I don’t have the time to devote to a novel so this is perfect. I think closing the zine is a big mistake, and I’m bummed I’ll have to find somewhere else to find good short stories.

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