Hidden Youth: Co-editor change and New deadline

Apr 14th, 2015 | By | Category: News & Announcements

We regret to announce that one of Hidden Youth‘s co-editors, Sofia Samatar, has been forced to drop out of the project due to personal matters. The circumstances were entirely unexpected, and we completely support Sofia’s decision, as sad as it makes us.

Hidden Youth will continue! Mikki Kendall will still be co-editing, and we’ve already begun searching for a new co-editor. Julie Dillon is working on the cover art.

Because of these circumstances, we’ve decided it’s in the best interests of everyone involved, and the project itself, if we push the publication goal back by a few months. This will give us time to find the right new co-editor and get them acclimated without attempting to rush the project through at the same time.

The bonus for authors: The submission deadline will be moved back as well! As of now, the deadline for submission to Hidden Youth has been moved to JULY 31. That gives everyone an additional three months to get their stories written, edited and submitted! Our new publication goal is May 2016.

We’ll announce when we’ve found Hidden Youth‘s new co-editor. If you have any questions about this announcement (or about Hidden Youth in general) please email hyquestions@crossedgenres.com.


Mikki, Kay and Bart

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