Long Hidden – Release Day!

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Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History

Release Day!

Crossed Genres Publications is proud to release our newest anthology: LONG HIDDEN, Edited by Rose Fox and Daniel José Older!

“An absolutely unprecedented anthology, dazzling in range and scope, beauty and strength. A success in every sense.”

~ Saladin Ahmed

Back cover blurb:
In 1514 Hungary, peasants who rose up against the nobility rise again – from the grave. In 1633 Al-Shouf, a mother keeps demons at bay with the combined power of grief and music. In 1775 Paris, as social tensions come to a boil, a courtesan tries to save the woman she loves. In 1838 Georgia, a pregnant woman’s desperate escape from slavery comes with a terrible price. In 1900 Ilocos Norte, a forest spirit helps a young girl defend her land from American occupiers.

These gripping stories have been passed down through the generations, hidden between the lines of journal entries and love letters. Now 27 of today’s finest authors – including Tananarive Due, Sofia Samatar, Ken Liu, Victor LaValle, Nnedi Okorafor, and Sabrina Vourvoulias – reveal the people whose lives have been pushed to the margins of history.

“Fox and Older have taken a grand task upon themselves, and the results are laudable.”

~ Publishers Weekly (Full review)


  • Sofia Samatar – “Ogres of East Africa”
  • Thoraiya Dyer – “The Oud”
  • Tananarive Due – “Free Jim’s Mine”
  • S. Lynn – “Ffydd (Faith)”
  • Sunny Moraine – “Across the Seam”
  • Rion Amilcar Scott – “Numbers”
  • Meg Jayanth – “Each Part Without Mercy”
  • Claire Humphrey – “The Witch of Tarup”
  • L.S. Johnson – “Marigolds”
  • Robert William Iveniuk – “Diyu”
  • Jamey Hatley – “Collected Likenesses”
  • Michael Janairo – “Angela and the Scar”
  • Benjamin Parzybok – “The Colts”
  • Kima Jones – “Nine”
  • Christina Lynch – “The Heart and the Feather”
  • Troy L. Wiggins – “A Score of Roses”
  • Nghi Vo – “Neither Witch Nor Fairy”
  • David Jón Fuller – “A Deeper Echo”
  • Ken Liu – “Knotting Grass, Holding Ring”
  • Kemba Banton – “Jooni”
  • Sarah Pinsker – “There Will Be One Vacant Chair”
  • Nnedi Okorafor – “It’s War”
  • Shanaé Brown – “Find Me Unafraid”
  • Nicolette Barischoff – “A Wedding in Hungry Days”
  • Lisa Bolekaja – “Medu”
  • Victor LaValle – “Lone Women”
  • Sabrina Vourvoulias – “The Dance of the White Demons”
  • Cover art by Julie Dillon

    Interior art by:

  • Esme Baran
  • GMB Chomichuk
  • Janet Chui
  • Jennifer Cruté
  • Sasha Gallagher
  • Kasey Gifford
  • Daria Khvostova
  • Nilah Magruder
  • Alice Meichi Li
  • Eric Orchard
  • Aaron Paquette
  • Kaysha Siemens
  • A huge thank you to everyone who’s made this happen, especially the more than 1100 backers of the 2013 Kickstarter, without whom this anthology wouldn’t exist! Long Hidden was absolutely a community effort, and we are awed and humbled by the support we’ve received throughout the publication process!

    (To those who asked: Will there be a Long Hidden 2? We’re seriously considering it! Stay tuned!)

    Visit longhidden.com for more info & to purchase Long Hidden!

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