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Feb 1st, 2013 | By | Category: News & Announcements

Strong, united families are rarely portrayed in SFF. They’re often dysfunctional, combative, self-destructive, or miserable, when they’re portrayed at all. This is especially true for non-nuclear and adoptive families – single parent families and families with no children are easy targets for invalidation.

And QUILTBAG families are almost never portrayed in SFF at all, regardless of whether their families are loving or falling apart.

Two birds, one stone.

We want stories in which at least one member of the family is QUILTBAG. They can be families of any constellation: all sizes and configurations, families of choice as well as families by birth. The families are caring and connected – when outside conflict arises, they come together to defend and aid one another. Fiercely, and without hesitation.

Submissions close on May 31. Full guidelines are here!

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