Steampunk, and Science In My Fiction

Feb 28th, 2010 | By | Category: News & Announcements

Two exciting announcements!


Issue 16: STEAMPUNK is now live on the website!


Rotterdam Bay by Shaun Lindow


Dead’s End to Middleton by Natania Barron
Whirligig Fingers and Globular Thumbs by Polenth Blake
The Vostrasovitch Clockwork Animal and Traveling Forest Show at the End of the World by Jessica Reisman
Twentieth Century by Michael Glenn Farquhar
The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue by Dawn Vogel


Doctor Tsoundpounder’s Euterpean Soliliquizer by J.C. Hay

This is a fun, intriguing and eclectic issue! Please read and enjoy. And please make the writers/artists very happy and leave them a comment with what you thought!


We’re excited to announce

Science in My Fiction is a new blog we’re launching to get science fiction and fantasy writers and fans thinking ahead of science again. Playful bloggers will take a look at recent scientific developments and extrapolate potential futures from them.

Science in My Fiction (or “SiMF”) will update Mondays and Fridays (to start – possibly more frequently as it develops and more contributors are added). The first post by Kay Holt is up. Please join the discussion! As Kay likes to say: It’s time to seize culture and do science to it!

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