Submissions for December: ANY PREVIOUS GENRE!

Nov 4th, 2009 | By | Category: News & Announcements

Crossed Genres has changed the genre for submissions in December 2009. It will no longer be Parents, as previously indicated.

We decided that “Parents” was a little too undefined, and we want to refine it before making it a monthly genre. It will almost certainly return in some form in the future. Instead – and taking into account that we’ve given less warning for this than in previous months – we’ve decided to make December a retrospective month.

Submissions for December may use ANY genre from the first 14 issues of Crossed Genres. Had a story you didn’t quite manage to finish in time during a previous month? Discover Crossed Genres after we’d already done your favorite genre? Now’s your chance!

Here’s a list of genres:

1 – Fantasy & Science Fiction (must include BOTH)
2 – Dystopian
3 – Romance
4 – Crime
5 – Humor
6 – Western
7 – Urban
8 – Anthropomorphism
9 – Alternative History
10 – Child Fiction
11 – Horror
12 – LGBTQ
13 – Action/Adventure
14 – Folklore

As always, the theme(s) must be combined with some aspect of Science Fiction and/or Fantasy. (As well as whatever else you manage to slip in!) Please wait to submit to “Any Previous Genre” until December 1.

NOTE: Please do not resubmit a story which you submitted to Crossed Genres during one of the previous months! We’re looking for new submissions!

Please email with any questions.

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