10 miles behind me and 10,000 more to go

Jul 10th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Really made a ton of progress today on the editing! All the Issue 9 content is complete except 2 stories, and those are both half-finished; Kay will wrap up one of them tomorrow, and I’ll do the other. Assuming the various contributors get back to us fairly quickly, we should be able to have the Print edition finished by the end of the weekend. That would give us just over 3 weeks to order the proof, have it arrive, approve it and order copies, and have them arrive before we leave for WorldCon. If, by the time we receive the proof it’s looking a bit dicey, we can pay a bit extra for faster shipping. I think we’ll be ok *KNOCKS WOOD*

Also, we got the final version of the cover art tonight! The artist, Brianna Wu, has a style that’s very labor-intensive, and needed a bit more time for it than initially expected. But we’ve got it now, and in time, so no harm done.

Kay has been performing her usual wizardry (witchery?) in contacting people about contributing articles and interviews. She’s been working on Issue 10 recently, and her efforts have begun to bear fruit. We’re also already getting in contact with people for our big 12th issue.

(P.S. – This is how dedicated I am to you, dear readers: Having just gotten into bed, I realized that I never hit “Publish” for this post. So I got up – at 1am – and opened my computer just so I could send it. What the hell?)

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