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Aug 29th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

A quick note on swear words, because I’ve been asked a few times but I haven’t addressed it here: We don’t object to submissions with swear words. But there has to be a legitimate rationale for any swear, a reason that word was chosen for that point in the story. Swearing for shock value is lazy writing. Really think about whether a swear is appropriate, for the character and the situation, before using one. But no, a story having a swear word does not make us disregard it; we have in fact published stories with swears before.

Today was a lot of reading; despite the slew of submissions in the past couple days, we’ve only got 2 or 3 unread, and we’ll have time to catch up this weekend. Submissions from women this month are down to exactly 20%.

Today I also wrote a post in advance for Release Day; figuring, why struggle to find time for it on Tuesday? And I sent out some contracts and payments, too.

We got sketches for our Issue 12 cover art! Actually we got three different sketches, as the artist was giving us some concepts to choose from. All three were very interesting, and there were pluses and minuses to each. We did fairly easily settle on one, although Kay and I decided to suggest a twist to the original that we think makes it even better. We’re very pleased with it, and I can’t wait to see it completed!

I spent a fair amount of today dealing with personal-life stuff, like bills and such. It has to get done sometime! Kay has been working her butt off though, communicating with artists and writers about contributions to future issues. She may have found another contributor to write an article for Issue 12, and if so, I am VERY excited about it – the person’s writing is exceptional and I’m certain would provide a brilliant addition to the issue.

Release Day for Issue 10 is Tuesday! I’m always so wired the last few days before a new issue comes out; all that time and effort coming to fruition is very satisfying.

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