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 He took the dragon to a pub on Lamb’s Conduit Street, where the dragon would not meet anyone the mayor knew. Everyone knew what the dragon’s visit was for, and while the mayor could think of several people he would like to have removed to another dimension, a dragon seemed too blunt and indiscriminate a tool to do it with. -Zen Cho, Prudence and the Dragon

The first Quarterly issue of Crossed Genres released on Friday. Officially, it released at Boskone, under the tender care of its publishers, Kay Holt and Bart Leib. Sadly, I’m told that no rockets, ballistae, rubber bands or other implements of actual high-rate acceleration were employed. Worry not, I’ve already made some calls about next time.

While Natania Barron and I have actually released three issues (with a fourth just around the corner), this marks the transition to a new way of business.

As with any project, there have been challenges. Handing over something as complicated as a magazine without even a single break in the schedule is no easy task. Add to that format changes, new contracts and the usual knots and snarls of re-aligning the stars for more auspicious results, and yes, we’ve stumbled a few times. That just makes me all the more proud of what we’ve got here.

They say that China is cultured, but not civilized, and America is just the opposite. -Ken Liu and Shelly Li, Saving Face

I couldn’t be more proud of the stories in this issue. There’s a depth here that I never expected to find. That’s the joy of a magazine like this. We’re not limited to just horror or fantasy or elves riding unicorns to fight the Dark One ™. We get to play with all the cool toys. A dragon in London. A meeting of prejudice and pride between two cultures with similar goals, betrayal and sacrifice. Sword and Sorcery, modern horror, Bizarro, alternative pasts leading to terrible futures.

Besides the fiction that’s been posted online in the monthly issues, there are three new stories in here, exclusive to the Quarterly. There’s also an interview with Maurice Broaddus, and a short, brutal nonfiction piece from Gabrijel Savic Ra, about a very real tragedy. The quotes in this blog post are from stories found in the Quarterly.

 “Well…” Hethen shrugged. “How’s a messenger’s name going to last more than two generations, anyway? No one remembers messengers. Only the message.” -Therese Arkenberg, The Halcyon in Flight

I’m a firm believer in lines and edges and borders. As we’ve stated many a time, we want fiction that goes beyond that circle of light in the center of the room. Beyond the ring of shadows. Beyond the encroaching darkness. We want fiction that dangles its feet over the edge of the world and asks ‘but what’s down there?’

Hopefully we’ve succeeded.

-Jaym Gates
Crossed Genres Editor

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