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Apr 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

The day the proof of the print copy arrives is always exciting. Well, unless we discover a problem – then it sucks. But when it’s clean, it’s brilliant. And such a day was today! Oh man, Issue 6 looks gorgeous. This art translated VERY well to the glossy cover. And the inside images worked well too. Maybe our sharpest issue; just clean, neat, great content. Awesome.

One of the unexpected side effects of the Earth Day sale seems to have been that a bunch writers either just discovered us, or were reminded that they wanted to submit a story; we’ve gotten a slew of new submissions in the past 36 hours. Of course we’re always happy to get submissions, but we’re pretty amused by it. Apparently any time we feel we’re low on submissions – offer a one-day-only sale!

The subscriber whose email didn’t work contacted me and we got that all sorted out; there was a bit of a snag with a different subscriber’s email address bouncing emails. But it turned out to be a cache problem and seems to be all fixed.

I also sent out some checks and took care of some banking issues. Whee. But getting the proof, looking as good as it does… very VERY exciting.

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