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Jun 1st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Since last night’s post was really an announcement about the release of Issue 7, I thought i should do an actual day-in-the-life post.

We ended up with almost exactly the same number of submissions as last month – 2 fewer to be precise. That’s not counting the submissions we received which are outside the size range we accept. The number of those submission rose. Please be sure to read the guidelines, folks. Overall submissions (Fiction, articles and artwork) was 3 fewer, so pretty much the same. April and May have been our best 2 months ever in terms of submissions.

April and May have also been our best 2 months ever in terms of traffic to the site. From March to April saw a 28% rise in traffic, and from April to May was a 17% jump. Obviously we’re quite pleased with this trend; hopefully it means people are enjoying the quality of the magazine we put out. Here’s hoping it continues! (Care to help us increase our traffic by dropping a link on your blog or site? Thanks!)

A large part of yesterday was taken up with my son’s birthday, of course – and with the sale (thanks to everyone who participated!) I did read another few stories, and then at night there was the posting of the new issue online.

This happens in several stages. First, I have to upload all the applicable files & images. This is left until the last day so they won’t be stumbled upon early. Then I go to all the pages of content for the new issue – which were already ready to go – and switch them from “Private” to “Public” so everyone can see them.

Next, I go into the store and create Items for the .pdf and .prc editions of the new issue, connecting them to the protected files on the server so they can be downloaded after purchase. After this I can update the Store pages with links to these new Items.

Then I cut-and-paste the pre-formatted code for pages that have been changed. This is mainly the store, the Current Genre page, the Archives page and the front page of the site. The front page is left for last, so all the new links that appear will actually lead where they’re supposed to.

After that, it’s making a few last little changes (like putting in the new Cover Artist advert, for example), and testing to make sure everything works. And finally, there was making the announcement.

Another thing I have to do is send emails to all the contributors letting them know the issue’s been released, and providing them with direct links to their work and other pertinent information. But last night we were so exhausted that I put it off until this morning.

So, Things To Remember:
1) Issue 7 is out! Please enjoy it, and leave feedback for the writers/artists! They really do appreciate it!
2) Alternate History is the theme for Issue 9 – Submissions now open! You can also see the next few Genres.
3) The Flash Fiction contest is still going on! 100-500 words, SF/F. Submissions accepted until June 14!
4) We’re still accepting submissions for serial novels, novellas and webcomics!

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