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May 15th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Today for Crossed Genres, I emailed an inventor and a newsperson in the hopes that they will participate in interviews for future issues of Crossed Genres. Both are brilliant at what they do, and I admire them greatly. And once again I had to turn off the SQUEE-ing fangirl in my head so I could communicate coherently with them. This is where my Super!Subjectline starts to make sense…

I’ve been working in one administrative capacity or another for about 20 years. Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Executive Assistant; I’ve held all those titles and more in various offices in industries ranging from construction to healthcare. I have a couple of decades worth of ‘Phone Presentation’ and ‘Clear Verbal and Written Communications’ experience. And thank goodness! It really, really helps to be able to flip the little switch in my head from ‘Can Haz Blog’ to ‘Serious Business’ so I can communicate professionally with wealthy, famous, and brilliant strangers without experiencing much stress over the tone and composition of my requests. After all these years, it comes naturally.

So my advice to those among you who desire a future in publishing is to find yourself an Administrative job, and learn to do the work well. In addition to helping polish your professional communications skills, an Admin job done right could help you build strong organizational compulsions that can help keep your head together in this crazy business.

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