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Oct 17th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Sadly, the official announcement has to wait one more day. Not planned, but today wasn’t quite as expected.

I almost finished the Kindle edition of issue 12 today… another hour or so tomorrow should do it. I encountered something I’d never had to do before: I had to break apart the comics we’re running into their individual panels. They were too big for a Kindle screen on their own, and would have been unreadable. It was pretty odd, cutting something up into 11 separate pieces like I did with one of them. It should work just fine, but it was still weird. (Just had to double-check that the panels went into the document in the right order!) that, coupled with the double-sized issue, meant that it took a lot more time than expected. Not a big deal though.

I was also in communication with a lot of writers, dealing with contracts primarily. And Kay and I talked more about scheduling for the future. So busy. busy busy busy.

We got to see our Issue 13 cover art, almost complete. It’s gorgeous; the artist is really exceptional with warm tones. It’s another that’s going to look amazing on the slightly glossy print cover.

Tomorrow: announcement, finishing the Kindle and doing the .prc too. Then, assuming there’s still time, I’m going to tackle the online stuff as much as possible. Oh, and I have some interview questions to answer.


I wanted to call attention to a couple of neat magazines I’ve become aware of recently:

M-Brane SF is a terrific science fiction magazine. They’ve just published Things We Are Not, tales of the new queer. I’m only a couple of stories into my copy and so far am very impressed. Support them by picking up a copy, or subscribe to the magazine (only $12 for a year of PDFs!), even if they are our competition!

Lacuna: a journal of historical fiction released their first issue on October 1; it’s fascinating, and free to read on the site. They’re also queer-friendly! Please check it out, and consider donating a couple dollars to a newly-begun zine.

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