An end is in sight

Jun 24th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Not the end, obviously. There is no true end. But at least the completion of Issue 8 has appeared on the horizon.

The Print, online and Kindle editions are essentially finished. Still waiting for one last biography, which is really ticking me off since I’ve emailed twice about it already. If I don’t have something by tomorrow then the bio’s going to be omitted from the Print and Kindle editions – we just can’t wait any longer.

So, yeah. That’s what I did today – online and Kindle editions, plus some last tweaking of the Print edition. I feel a great sense of relief having those three (basically) finished; just the PDF and PRC versions to go!

Traffic to the site continues to be very high. I’m assuming folks are coming to check out the ten finalists in the Flash Fiction contest. There’s been a decent voting turnout so far, and the votes have been pretty widely and evenly distributed – hopefully that means that everyone’s finding something they like there! There’s still a week left to the voting, so anything could happen. Tell people you know to come vote for their favorite!

By the way, I should probably mention: there is one vote that doesn’t count. To test the poll program, I selected a story at random (“Promise”) and voted, to make sure it all worked. So one vote for “Promise” will be discounted, since Kay and I are ineligible to vote (I didn’t really choose it, anyway – I just clicked randomly. I quite liked “Promise”, but I didn’t really sit down and decide what story was my favorite.)

Tomorrow’s going to involve a short break from Issue 8 to look forward to future issues; we have an interview to send off (Kay did a great job writing up the questions), and I need to write a couple letters asking for contributions. That’s one of the weirdest parts of the job; despite my confidence that we’re gaining credibility as a legit market, I still get that fear that “real” writers and artists won’t give me the time of day. This is despite the wonderful experiences with professionals like Faith Hunter, Piers Anthony, Michael Kabongo, Tom Smith, Lucienne Diver… they’ve all been very friendly and shown us great respect. I have the feeling that this fear might not go away until Kay and I are doing this for a living – and even then, maybe not.

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