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Jul 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

It’s a nice feeling, to be sitting there thinking about the upcoming issue and realize that there’s literally nothing, at that moment, that I could do to progress things.

Today I got the HTML templates as finished as I possibly could. All that’s left is adding the URLs for the print (Amazon) and Kindle editions, which I can’t do until those have actually been approved and activated; so the online edition is as complete as it can be at this stage. The pdf and prc editions are done. The Kindle only needs to be Published, which won’t happen until a day or two before Release day. The print edition just awaits the arrival of the proof (probably tomorrow) for approval. I also created an image for next month’s Current Genre (Horror) for the website. Our cover artist, Brianna Wu, sent us her ad for the site.

Tomorrow, I’ll be dealing with contracts and payments. And after that… we can focus on Issue 10, because Issue 9 will be pretty much wrapped. I can’t even begin to describe what a relief it is to actually be at this stage this early – I’ve been terrified that we’d be a bit behind when it came time to leave for WorldCon.

We’ve been reading I10 submissions; I read a handful today, on my commutes. One or two pretty good ones in there, still many to go. We’re going to see if we can’t get the entire submissions list for this month read in the next couple of days, and then read new submissions as they come in for the last 5-6 days of the month – that will enable us to make our final decisions as quickly as possible once the deadline has passed.

Of course, we have plenty more to read too… our Amazon order arrived today: 9 books from writers who’ll be attending WorldCon. I just finished John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War a day ago, so I’ve called dibs on Jay Lake’s newest novel, Green. Kay is reading Lake’s Escapement, which we already had, as well as Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother. There’s plenty more in the stack – Nalo Hopkinson, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Lawrence Schoen, Violette Malan and Edward Willett. The last 3 are writers I know nothing about, which is why I (kind of randomly) picked them – with the hopes of discovering new writers we like to read.

We leave for WorldCon two weeks from tomorrow!

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