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Jul 24th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

All submissions to Issue 10 that we’ve received have been read. Kay and I went through the last 20 or so, including the ones we received today. A few more pretty good ones in today’s batch. We’ll read new submissions as they come in now.

By the way, about the submissions: folks, please read the Current Genre info. We can tell when you haven’t. As it says very plainly, “Child Fiction” is not the same thing as “Children’s”. We’ve received a pretty significant number of Children’s submissions (and a large number of people seem to be ignoring the part about “the main character is a child”). While we’re okay with submissions which blur the lines a bit, please consider whether your story really fits the genre before submitting.

I remembered to bring more checks with me, and sent out a few more contracts/payments. I also spoke with our hotel in Montreal today, about check-in/out times, guaranteeing reservations, etc.

Amongst the other things I learned from the hotel concierge (who was quite friendly, knowledgeable and helpful), I found out that they offer free Wi-Fi to guests. Since we’ll be bringing a laptop, I think it’s likely that I’ll take time each evening while at WorldCon to update this blog. The posts will probably just hit on the key points of the convention (because by the end of each night I’ll be exhausted), and I’ll do more detailed posts after we get back. I’m resolved to take even more detailed notes than last year.

I forgot to mention: yesterday our traffic numbers for July passed the numbers from May. We knew that this month wouldn’t match June (since June had a huge boost from the Flash Fiction contest), but we were hoping to fall somewhere between the May and June numbers. We’ve reached that with a week to go, so we’re very pleased.

Came In the Mail Today: our copy of the first issue of the recently resurrected Realms of Fantasy magazine! I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I did flip through and it looks impressive. It’s got a story by Tanith Lee which I’m looking forward to, as I haven’t read anything of hers in a while.

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