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Dec 29th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

The biggest news now: the anthology has been finalized! Everything’s approved and I’ve ordered the proof copy (with extra-speedy shipping). The hope is that we’ll have it by this Saturday; if not, probably Monday. And if it looks half as amazing in print as it did in the final design then I will be very pleased.

Submissions to Issue 15 are still pouring in – we’re around 20% over our previous highest total. In hindsight I probably should have expected it considering this is the only time we’ve ever offered 14 monthly themes all at once 😉

I’m also happy to see that we’ve received a fair number of international submissions, from 8 countries outside the US spanning 4 continents. I’m not sure what sort of percentages are usual for other markets – we just like seeing international subs.

The online prep for Issue 14 is coming along. I’ll be dedicating tomorrow exclusively to it, and hopefully get it all done. I don’t usually leave it this late in the month; I hate feeling rushed. I’ll be more on top of it next month.

Today I ordered some padded mailers for shipping the anthology preorders (and contributor copies). Going to have a heck of a post office run in a few weeks!

One last thing: Thursday is the LAST DAY that our Dystopian issue will be available! On the new year it goes away forever! Go take your last chance to read and/or buy it!

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