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Oct 15th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

WOW so much to tell!

First and foremost: the print edition of Issue 12 has been finalized! Today was another example of speediness by the printer: Submitted at 11:58 am, proof ordered at 3:26 pm, proof shipped at 4:46 pm. Less than 5 hours total. Brilliant. I gotta say: DAMN I am so pleased with everything about the issue. It’s just gorgeous.

By the way, the entire list of contributors for the issue is now on the front page, in the “tabbed” area, 2nd tab (“Next Issue”)!

Tomorrow begins work on the other versions. I say “begins”, but it’s really picking up where we left off; we did a ton of prep work ahead of October 1, so it’s a matter of filling in what we couldn’t when the content of the issue wasn’t finalized. Most of the editions shouldn’t be too terribly time-consuming *knocks wood* … getting everything ready for online is going to be the real challenge. Just making everything fit, oye.

Okay, maybe not as much to tell as I thought. Or rather, not as much as I’m free to tell right now. I worked a lot today on stuff we’re not quite ready to divulge. Tomorrow I should have an official announcement, and there’ll be another announcement on November 1, same time as the release of Issue 12. (Also, look for a sale on November 1!)

In the meantime, keep sending in those Action/Adventure submissions!

And go read the new issue, HORROR! It’s wicked, I tell you!

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