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What a week. Monday was President’s Day, but despite the short work week I feel more exhausted than at the end of a regular week.

Over the last few days I’ve been communicating with several people who are testing out various new versions of the magazine. I’m working on making the magazine available in as many as seven digital formats, which will cover just about all of the various ebook readers and smartphones. (Formats I’m working on are EPUB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF & PRC.)

BUT, the many different formats will not be available for individual sale – starting with issue 16 on March 1, all seven different file types will be sold together as a digital bundle for no extra cost. That’s right, we will begin selling a zipped file that includes all the digital formats, for the same $1.59 we’ve been charging for PDFs and PRCs. All versions will be DRM-free.

Why are we doing this? Frankly, because we don’t think it’s fair that you’d have to buy the issue again if you wanted to switch to a new reader. This way, you get to keep the issue (or book; we’ll be doing this with our book releases too, although the prices may vary) even if you switch from PC to iPhone to Nook and back to PC.

And before any of our subscribers ask: YES, the bundles will be available for free download in the Subscribers Area as well.

Most likely we will not be going back and redoing previous issues in bundles, mainly because we don’t really have time. We may do the most recent few, though. If anyone would really like to have a particular issue offered this way, let us know and we’ll consider it.

I mentioned on Twitter last night that the % of submissions we receive from women has dropped rather sharply. During our first year (the first 12 issues), 47.94% of submissions were from women. So far in our second year (issues 13-16), that number is 39.34%. This month (Antihero) is even lower, at 28.57%. It does vary a bit from month to month, which could be small-sample-size random variation. But the overall trend is kind of surprising.

Although, this doesn’t have any effect on our acceptances. We do NOT accept stories based on the gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. of the writer (most of the time we don’t know these things anyway) – we accept the best stories we get each month, regardless of who wrote them. Interestingly, despite the trend in submissions, over issues 13-16 we’ve published 9 stories from men and 12 from women.

  • Other than some adjustments I need to make to the digital editions for the bundle, Issue 16 is pretty much done. We’re still waiting on the proof copy to arrive, but it should get to us any time.
  • We’re still accepting submissions for Issue 17: ANTIHERO! We’re only a couple submissions away from matching last month, so we should end up comfortably ahead in total submissions.
  • Remember, this is the LAST MONTH that Issue 4: CRIME will be available! Go read it, and consider buying it as well – only $5!
  • And lest we forget (Hah!), Issue 15: ANY PREVIOUS GENRE is brilliant. Please read, & if you like, buy it!

Post title from “I’m Gonna Be An Engineer” by Peggy Seeger; performed by Pete Seeger.

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