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Jul 9th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

I saw our doctor this morning to check on my unusual nagging pain that I mentioned yesterday; fortunately the doc didn’t find anything wrong in all the testing and concluded it was just a slightly muscle pull, which I’d suspected. Of course, now it’s not really bothering me much at all anymore. Still, better safe than sorry.

We got a good bit more of the editing done today. If we really show no mercy I think we can finish tomorrow.

Like last month, Issue 9 is on the heavier side, word-wise. It’s going to be around 31,000, a bit below Issue 8’s 33,000. I’m wondering if the “norm” for us might actually be shifting closer to 30000-31000. If it does, that’s okay, although it means more to edit. It’s just interesting how issues have definitely trended longer as they’ve come together.

We’ve gotten bios and contracts trickling in from the I9 contributors; it’s about time to check our P.O. box again.

Interesting Email of the Day: a writer emailed to withdraw a submission because they’d thought we were still accepting Alternate History submissions, and had sent one. When they realized their mistake they let us know and apologized. While we’ve had people knowingly try to slip in submissions a day late, this is the first time that we’ve gotten submissions close to a week late due to a simple misreading. It’s not a big deal at all – accidents happen, and at least the writer was good enough to own up and admit it, rather than pretending not to know and letting us discover it later.

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