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Jul 20th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

So I haven’t posted in a couple days. Sorry about that – real life has kept me very busy. (Is anyone still reading this blog anyway?)

the Print edition of Issue 9 is set and submitted. Unfortunately we got one bio too late to include, and had to omit it. But that bio will be in all the other editions of the issue.

Speaking of other editions, I started and finished the pdf version today. Well, I have the “pieces” of the pdf ready; I’ll merge them into one document tomorrow.

Since I last posted, more of the WorldCon prep has come together. We now have a card proving our car insurance covers us in Canada – pretty important! Also important is the reservation for childcare I’ve made. Our hotel (& parking) reservations are confirmed, so… yeah. Pretty much ready. *KNOCK WOOD* Although at this point I think we have to assume that we won’t have copies of Issue 9 to take with us. It’s disappointing, especially since 2 of the contributors to the issue will be there. But too late to worry about that now.

Submissions to Issue 10 are approaching our highest previous submission total. Not there yet, though, and of course we love getting submissions. Keep them coming!

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