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Jun 17th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

So my Monday post was basically just an announcement about the Flash Fiction contest closing, and I completely forgot to post yesterday. Fail. So all you lucky, lucky people will get two posts today!

The past couple of days have mainly involved editing, last night especially. We’re finally almost done – I have one story left to finish up. Part of the reason it’s taken so long this month is that Issue 8 has two interviews, and one of those was conducted in person, recorded, and had to be transcribed and then made… linear, because people don’t talk the way they write. But it’s a fascinating interview! Can’t wait to see what people think.

This is WAY later than usual for us to be at this stage. Usually by now we’ve sent off the print edition, had it approved and ordered a proof copy. Fortunately we still have time to get almost everything done; the only exception is that we definitely won’t have received the proof copy before the release date. This means that print copies won’t be immediately available, but have no fear; it shouldn’t be more than a few days past July 1, a week at MOST.

We’ve also been reading submissions from the Flash Fiction contest, and WOW have we ever been impressed! There are a ton of great submissions! We’re only about halfway through them and we can already tell that narrowing it down to 10 finalists for the voting is going to be really tough. Apparently people really dig writing flashfic!

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Submitting: If you’ve just sent in your submission, and then decide you could have done better (with the synopsis, or with the story itself), do not resend the entire submission and say “Ignore the first one, this is much better” the following day. This is very unprofessional. If you actually realize that you sent an early, unedited draft by mistake, or actually put something about the story in the synopsis that’s not accurate, or discovered an error in the storytelling that actually screws up the entire plot… in those cases, you should request that the story be withdrawn from consideration; fix the mistakes, double and triple check everything, and then resubmit. But little details can be fixed in editing, and the story should be able to impress despite these. (NOTE: I’m not claiming this is proper procedure for every market. But it’s what makes the most sense to me, and what I’d strongly prefer.)

I’ll end by offering a big THANK YOU! to all of you who have followed our progress as a magazine thus far. We’ve grown pretty amazingly – far faster than we expected – and I just got some tangible proof of that a couple days ago. Matt, our friend and web guru, showed me where I could look on the server to see our bandwidth usage; he did so after I expressed surprise when he told me that he needed to “keep an eye” on our bandwidth because we’ve been getting close to our limit. To my shock, last month we exceeded 70% of our monthly bandwidth allotment. And this month we’re well on our way to outstripping that, so there’s a reasonable chance we’ll actually need to purchase more bandwidth before the end of this month! It’s another expense, but one we’re happy to pay for since it means the traffic to the site is increasing dramatically!

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