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May 15th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

That’s what’s new with the website, anyway. If you go to the main page and look just below the “tabbed” section (that has the current issue), you’ll see 2 new sections: Website Spotlight and Headlines.

Website Spotlight is just what it sounds like. We’re going to profile websites that are relevant to the worlds of Science Fiction/Fantasy, writing, publishing and the like. Headlines will contain links to articles or ideas about futuristic science and technology, unusual (almost Fantastic) things found in nature, and ways in which people are bringing Sci-Fi-Fantasy into everyday life. We haven’t chosen a schedule yet, but they’ll probably be updated every week or two.

Part of today was spent prepping the new additions to the website; I also made a few minor changes to the layout (specifically the Footer). Also, Matt again came up with a brilliant solution to a website issue – specifically, how to set up access to the Subscribers Area for the people who’d bought subscriptions before we had the new site set up? The man’s a genius I tell you. Now that we have a solution we’re just waiting for subscribers to sign up for free accounts on the site.

We’re still waiting on one last reply email from a contributor before we’ll have everything we need to put together and complete the issue, and we should have that email tomorrow. Because we were waiting, today was kind of a slow day for me, CG-wise. There were some other things I could have worked on, but I was exhausted all day (we got to sleep very late last night). We’re having an early night tonight; I’ll be industrious again tomorrow.

PS – I checked and discovered that we’re well ahead of where we were last month in terms of Fiction submissions for the Anthropomorphism issue. Of course now I’m going to be paranoid that this signals a sharp dropoff coming soon.

PPS – We love getting submissions! Keep ’em coming: Magazine (1000-8000), novellas (20-40k) and novels (40k-100k)!

PPPS – Sign up for your free account on the website and leave the poor authors and artists some comments!

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  1. I don’t know if you guys get this said to you enough but – well done!

    I stumbled into Crossed Genres via Genre Challange and both of these things are now a staple of my ‘net time (my wife would like to ‘thank you’ too, but she is trying to be nice this week ;o) ).

    I have submitted a novella, I will be submitting a piece for the anthropomorphism issue and, basically, CG (and GC … hmm … Langdon should look into that reverse symbol use!) has kick started my attempts to progress from a writer for fun to a serious writer who actually allows the pieces to be read by others ;o)

    So, yes, thanks!

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