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Oct 14th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

We’re still waiting to hear back from a couple of writers about the edits to their stories. Even though we’re still okay for time *knock wood* I’m getting a bit antsy. Want to put this puppy to bed so I can focus on the other editions. I did finalize a couple more of the stories, and I added them to the issue document. I also got a couple bios I was waiting on. There’s not much more left.

The rest of today was communication, with future/potential artists and article contributors.

Kay and I also spent some time talking about the magazine’s future – specifically, now that we’ve been doing this for almost a year, are their any changes to our format, content and process that we want to make to improve the quality of what we produce and how efficiently we deliver it to our readers? We have identified a few small but significant changes we’ll be implementing over the next couple of months – nothing that will dramatically alter things from your perspective. I’ll probably lay them out in the blog once we’ve finalized them.

We’re still working on getting the contracts sorted for the novel we want to serialize. Announcement asap.

Submissions to Issue 13: Action/Adventure are coming in slowly but steadily. The slush process has so far worked smoothly *knocks wood again*

In the meantime, go and read Issue 11! Horror-tastic!

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