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Jun 5th, 2012 | By | Category: CG Blog

(reposted from Kickstarter)

As we approach the halfway point of our Kickstarter, we’ve been thinking hard about how best to proceed. There’s so much we’d love to do, so many projects we could push to fund with new stretch goals. We’ve already accomplished so much, our heads are spinning!

Mainly we want to make sure that whatever goal we aim for is something that our readers want – it would be pointless otherwise! You’re the people making this possible, so whatever extra goal(s) the Kickstarter pursues, we want them to excite you!

So we thought we’d put it to you: What should our next stretch goal be? We’ve already funded a full load of titles through 2013 AND resurrecting CG Magazine for 2013 – what’s next? Is there anything you’d jump at the opportunity to help make a reality?

Some ideas we’ve considered:

1) The 2014 year! Stretch the KS to fund our publications even further into the future, guaranteeing even longer-term stability and awesomeness.

2) Professional-rate titles! If we could afford to offer pro rates to authors it would draw many more submissions, giving us a much deeper pool of work from which to select our stories – this almost always means higher quality writing! There are several ways we could do pro rates:

  • One or more pro-rate anthologies
  • Pro-rate online flash fiction
  • We could even shoot for the moon & aim to make every 2013 title pro-rate!

What are your thoughts? Would any of the above ideas thrill you? Is there something else we haven’t considered that we should? Please comment or message us and tell us – we really want to know!

Bart & Kay

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