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Aug 31st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Tomorrow is the LAST day to get your SFF+Horror submissions in!

So many little-yet-important things accomplished today:

– Kept up with reading Issue 11 submissions
– Created new CG ads for Project Wonderful (some with new art) to start running on Tuesday the 1st
– submitted those ads ahead of time (so I’m not scrambling to do them at 11:30 tomorrow night)
– Wrote letters requesting contributions to future issues. These really aim high for us, but you never know.
– Emailed a contributor to Issue 10 about a last-miinute addition of a link

Also, we got a lo-res image of the mostly-finished cover art for Issue 11! It’s awesome, creepy yet playful. Interestingly it would have worked well for Child Fiction too, but it works VERY well for Horror. We’re thrilled with it – can’t wait to see it completed (should be tomorrow).

Tomorrow will be crazy busy. I’ve got plenty to do during the day: mailing the contribution request letters, reading our Issue 11 submission short-list, sending rejections, last-minute fixes/upgrades… and that’s just during the day. Late tomorrow night I’ll be doing the final checks and then uploading the new issue to the site right at midnight. Hell of a Monday.

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