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Sep 8th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve been busy with… well lots of things. Some CG-related, some not.

All rejection letters have been sent, I’m pretty sure. If you haven’t heard from me regarding a submission to Issue 11, please email. Horror really was a good month for submissions; just slightly fewer than our best month (really, by like 2), and a lot of excellent quality. We had a particularly tough time after narrowing it down to 10 stories. We ended up with 5 we’re very pleased with, and a handful that under other circumstances we’d have been extremely happy to publish. There were even a couple we considered holding until later genres, but we sort of have an unwritten policy that we won’t do that; but those writers are free to resubmit those stories to future issues if the genre matches.

Final count for Issue 11: 5 short stories, 1 article, 1 interview, cover art and 1 piece of inside art. It’s going to be a strong issue; we were a bit worried about getting original stuff for Horror since it’s such a common genre, but that concern was clearly unfounded.

We’re behind on editing, but getting there. We’d asked for a slight rewrite to one story and got it back quicker than expected, which was nice. We should still be able to wrap up the issue ahead of time, hopefully leaving extra time to work on the extra-large Issue 12.

Speaking of Issue 12, submissions are still slow: not terrible, but behind pace for our last few issues – which is concerning because we want more stories, which means we need more submissions than usual, not less. We have recently put out a call for submissions in a few places. Also, some wonderful folks have been kind enough to post about it for us on their blogs: Chris at M-Brane SF and Brandon Bell. Thanks guys!

Yesterday, Kay and I sat down and went through our projects list; this included CG, our own writing, Kay’s art, and some other projects we’re not ready to talk about yet. To give some idea of what the list looked like, we’ve pretty much decided that about 80% of it all has to be set aside because we just don’t have time. We’re prioritizing, but it’s painful to set aside projects we’re really enthusiastic about. Still, we’ll be way to busy over the next few months to even think about most of it.

BTW: Anyone planning on attending Boskone in mid-February 2010? We’re aiming for Boskone to be our first convention as dealers! Very exciting. If you’re there, swing by our table!

That’s it for now, i think. Oh, I’m going to a baseball game tomorrow night, and odds are I’ll be back late and completely exhausted. So expect that there won’t be another post until Wednesday.

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