Counting down

May 28th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Release Day is just 4 days away? When did that happen?!

It’s okay, we’re ready for it. I was just updating my list and there’s not actually much more we can do before it’s time to actually release the new issue.

Today I built, formatted and uploaded the .prc version of Issue 5, created an item for it in the store, and added links for it in various places on the site. I also approved the Kindle edition of Issue 7, so it can be ready for purchase by the 1st. I haven’t approved the Print edition yet, because we haven’t gotten the 2nd proof copy in the mail yet. It’s understandable since we just had Memorial Day weekend, but I’m getting a bit nervous; I’m really hoping it arrives tomorrow.

We’ve got a nice bunch of links put together, so we’re going to update the “Spotlight” and “Headlines” sections on the main page of the site tomorrow. There’s some really amazing stuff there now, check it out!

Tomorrow I’ll be spending most of my time reading submissions to Issue 8 (Anthropomorphism). If you’re thinking of submitting, there’s only 4 days left! Wrap ’em up and send ’em in!

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