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May 17th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Well I said I was going to work on the Print edition of Issue 7, and I did. In fact, I finished it. And I submitted it to the publisher; I should be able to order the proof by Monday.

This is where having templates saves us. We would probably never be able to keep up from month to month without a framework for each edition to work from; the task that I completed in one day today would have taken at least 3 times as long, maybe more.

Saving time is very important to us, as you might imagine. We’re very aware that each time we add a new aspect to the magazine, it means more hours of work. So we have to balance addition and subtraction of tasks. And if we can’t subtract something, we probably shouldn’t add something new.

So for example: in May we’ve begun accepting submissions for Novellas, Novels and Webcomics, and created a new website from scratch. That’s a ton more work. But the new site makes adding the new issues and making changes a million times easier, saving us time; we’re also using a new system to track visits to the site that’s completely automated (unlike our previous one); and we’re enough ahead with nonfiction content that we can take our time with it and not stress – too much. So amazingly, although we’re still very busy, we’re not (yet) more busy than we were. I’m kind of proud that I, with Matt‘s help, built a website from the ground up in a few weeks and the magazine is still on schedule.

Speaking of the website, I noticed today that some of the stories from the first couple of issues hadn’t been properly transferred over from the old site; there were pages for them, but the stories weren’t there. I’m not sure how that happened, but they’ve been corrected now.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on the Kindle edition. I’m also going to take another stab at the .mobi conversions, and if we have time, K and I are going to talk about a contest we’re considering running.

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