Crossed Genres Issue Six: WESTERN is Live!

Apr 30th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Hooray for fruition! This post is all about what we’ve been working toward this month (and some of last month, too): RELEASE DAY! There is a special kind of commingled panic and relief on Release Day. Panic, because Disaster seems to enjoy threatening all good works at the last minute, and relief because we pulled it all together anyway. Now go! Read the new issue!

-On the post-apocalyptic plains, guard your water with your life; they’re worth about the same.

-The frontier is full of opportunity and tragedy, but anything can happen in the Wild West – even magic.

-Deserts are transformative places, even on Mars, where the first settlers are robots, not men.

-The difference between the good guys and the bad guys isn’t as simple as the color of their hats.

-Road trip! If your car breaks down, you’d better hope you’ve got something worth living for.

Saddle up and “Go West” in Issue Six of Crossed Genres Magazine, along with brilliant cover art by Nicc Balce and a fascinating article on the origins of the SciFi Western genre by Jeffrey Richardson, the Assistant Curator of film and Popular Culture at the Autry national Center of the American West.

Crossed Genres is now accepting writing submissions for the upcoming SciFi and Fantasy Anthropomorphism issue. Just a reminder: Crossed Genres is now a paying market.

NEW! Crossed Genres is now accepting submissions for completed novella or novel-length fiction to be serialized on our website exclusively for our subscribers. We are also accepting “pitches” for a webcomic to run for a year on our website, also exclusively for our Subscribers. Upon completion, each will be published by Crossed Genres in its entirety.

On June 1st, Crossed Genres will release its SciFi/Fantasy Urban issue, with stunning cover art by Paul Davey and an interview with Literary Agent Mike Kabongo.

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Issue Six is now available for purchase through Amazon for $7.99 each (a 20% price reduction!):

Issue Six: SciFi and Fantasy Western

(5 stories of the SF & Fantasy Frontier – “Cowboys And Robots: The Birth of the Science Fiction Western” by Jeffrey Richardson – “Dueling Mechs” cover art “Ten Ton Automatons ‘n’ Six Shooters” by Nicc Balce – “Damned Good Shot”: Art by Katoo Deziel)

Thank you!


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  1. Eeeee! It’s so exciting! Thank you for the lovely write-up. 😀

  2. Simple but effective, I hope. Red Dust is a good story, and I was pleased to have it as an example of an alternative interpretation of the Western idea. Well done.

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