Crossed Genres Year Two – going out of print!

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Crossed Genres Year Two, CGP’s 2nd anthology, will go out of print after December 7! This is the last chance to get any titles from the first 2 1/2 years of Crossed Genres Magazine! We’re offering it for 25% off while it’s still available!

These are excellent and entertaining stories. All are well-written and could even be a guide for aspiring authors who are wondering what sort of stories could help get them published in contemporary speculative magazines. The folks at Crossed Genres tend to focus on powerful writing. Often, the mood takes over the story itself and is driven home by the prose … if you like a finely-crafted series of tales, written by authors who can tell a powerful and meaningful story, this is an anthology that you should seriously consider grabbing for yourself.

– Mike Griffiths, Innsmouth Free Press (Full review)

A labor conflict on a distant asteroid;
An environmental catastrophe unlike any other;
A most unusual dinner guest;
The irony of Luck.

Each month of Crossed Genres Magazine combines science fiction & fantasy with a new theme. Crossed Genres Year Two contains one story selected by the editors from each issue of the magazine’s second year.

  • Issue 13: Action/Adventure – “Lunch Money” by Kelly Jennings
  • Issue 14: Folklore – “The Vanishing Sea” by Caleb Jordan Schulz
  • Issue 15: Any Previous Genre – “The Seder Guest” by Barbara Krasnoff
  • Issue 16: Steampunk – “Whirligig Fingers & Globular Thumbs” by Polenth Blake
  • Issue 17: Antihero – “High School 3000” by Timothy Miller
  • Issue 18: Eastern – “The Last Rickshaw” by Stephanie Lai
  • Issue 19: Gadgets & Artifacts – “Conflicts” by Timothy T. Murphy
  • Issue 20: Lies – “Yelloween” by Sam Cash
  • Issue 21: Invasion – “Centzon Totochin” by Cat Rambo
  • Issue 22: Bildungsroman (Coming of Age) – “Luck of the Harvest” by Tom Barlow
  • Issue 23: Dreams & Nightmares – “The Mongrel Scholar” by Ursula Wood
  • Issue 24: Characters of Color – “Flying With the Dead” by Sabrina Vourvoulias
  • Cover art by Brittany Jackson

Get a copy of Crossed Genres Year Two for 25% off while it’s still available!

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