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Sep 25th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

It was too late to post last night when I finally had the chance, although in my sleep-deprived state the results would have been pretty entertaining.

Editing happened! We got a couple pieces of issue 12 edited and they’re off to their writers for consideration. Only one more left to do, I think. As soon as we hear back, I’m going to get them inserted into the various editions to minimize how many pieces I have to do that with post-October 1.

We’ve done a bunch more reading, too. We’ve now got a pretty solid group of stories we’re considering for the issue. We need more, though! Only 5 more days to submit to the LGBTQ issue! Still looking for everything: Fiction, articles, artwork!

After LGBTQ we’ll be taking submissions for Issue 13, which is Action/Adventure. Woo, I think that one’s going to be fun! There are so many ways to do A/A, and with SF and F elements it actually expands enormously as a genre. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

The other big thing yesterday was that the technical problem we’d been having with the Subscribers Area got handled. I’d been communicating with the creators/admins of the plugin module that was having a problem. Yesterday evening they emailed me a updated version of the module that was problematic, and it solved the conflict. My impression is that it’s kind of a rough-and-tumble solution – they’re working on a full revamp of the module. But it works, and that’s what matters. So the Subscribers Area is back online.

Every month we get at least a couple of submissions that don’t match our genre in any way – that’s been extra-true this month. We got another yesterday, but shortly afterwards the author emailed to point out the mistake and apologize. We appreciate that, as it saves us time, and also keeps us from wondering whether it was an honest mistake or whether the author just assumes the rules don’t apply to them because their story is so awesome. (We have gotten a couple submissions where the writer actually stated “It’s not got anything to do with your current genre, but I know you’ll like it anyway.”)

The rest of today will include editing whatever we haven’t yet gotten to,, doing some online prep (not much I can do yet, but there is some) and more reading.

Oh, and btw: We also want LGBTQ-related links! During November while Issue 12 is out, The Spotlight and Headlines sections on our front page will focus on LGBTQ people, issues and organizations. If you know of something or someone that deserves to be highlighted, email us a link and tell us about it!

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