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Since it’s pertinent at the moment – I’m still waiting on author comments for one story, and I’ve been forced to give a deadline – I thought I’d very briefly describe what sort of problems delays can cause.

A delay of ANY content causes the completion of the Print edition to be delayed. This has several effects:

  1. The Print edition can’t be finalized and submitted for a proof copy. If this is done too late, we won’t received the proof in time, and the Print edition won’t be available for sale when the issue’s release date arrives.
  2. The PDF and Kindle versions are delayed in the same manner – both are derived from the completed Print version. The PDF is sold directly from our website and can be delayed right up until the release date, but the Kindle is similar to the Print edition: it takes some time after approval for its listing to show up. If left too long, the Kindle also won’t be ready by the release date.
  3. Contract problems. We put a deadline for our contributors to provide us with the completed contribution right into the contract; if it’s delayed too long the contributor could technically be breaking the contract.
  4. Delays of everything else. The website, promotional preparation and contributor payments are all things that also can’t be completed until we have all the finalized content.
  5. Screwing up our schedules. In order to keep on top of everything, we have detailed schedules of when we work on certain things, which we adhere to as closely as possible. There’s so much to keep track of that we rely on our schedules to make sure things don’t get overlooked. If our schedules get shifted because of delays, our entire process can get thrown out of whack.

I hate being a hardass about things like this. I know that life happens and there are legitimate reasons for delays. But it can’t be helped – if we aren’t hardassed about it, the magazine doesn’t happen. Our contributors aren’t just giving us permission to use their work: by signing contracts they are agreeing to adhere to our schedule, because it’s as much a necessity to completing the issue as receiving the submission or signing the contract.

Other things:

  • Today I spent some more time familiarizing myself with WordPress. My friend Matt (whose company Svaha hosts Crossed Genres) is a WP guru and is helping me navigate it. It does have some excellent features that would really benefit us – for one, WP would make it very easy to set up a “subscribers only” section of the website. We’ve been promising some special stuff in the future for people who purchase e-subscriptions, and the “subscribers only” section would simplify that immensely. (That’s not something we’d do very soon, btw.)
  • Speaking of subscriptions, we’ll have an announcement about that in the next day or two. Stay tuned!
  • It’s after midnight?!? Okay, see you tomorrow!
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