Dreams Too Big for Our Breeches

May 5th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Today, I sent out some little Thank You! ‘cards’.  Do people even do that anymore?  I dunno.  I just felt it was important to let our past contributors know that we still appreciate them and everything they’ve done for us. I still have more to send out, though, because our contributors aren’t the only people who have helped us grow.  Lots of people have posted about us on their blogs or added links crossedgenres.com to their websites.  Those I’m aware of will get their little e-cards soon.  🙂

I spent a good portion of the day thinking about the future of Crossed Genres. See, we have a plan. But as everyone knows, things are rarely as simple as locating Point A and Point B and then traveling the shortest distance between them. We don’t talk a lot about our plans because so much of what we hope to accomplish is still out of our reach, but I am feeling chatty tonight (when am I not?) so I’ll give you all a glimpse at the looooooong road ahead.

-Someday, we’d like to release audio versions of all our stories and articles (with author permission, of course). Not everyone reads best with their eyes, after all.

-Someday, we’d like to have each issue of CG translated into several other languages, starting with Spanish. Why should a language barrier be left standing between fans and their stories?

-You may have guessed by now that genre-diversity isn’t the only kind of diversity that’s important to us. We are THRILLED to receive art and writing submissions from around the world every month! To celebrate that, we may have to push the boundaries of what defines “genre”, but we’ll find a way. We created Crossed for that purpose, after all.  🙂

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