In ‘Email Versus Dim Sum’ Everybody Wins

May 19th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

I’ve had the privilege and delight of interviewing two very talented people in the past week, and I wanted to share a little with you all about that process and experience.

Sometimes I go searching for someone to interview for Crossed Genres, and sometimes I look for someone to write an article on a topic relevant to the crossed-genre of the month or the creative fields in general. In our past two issues (Humor and Western) we had some very good articles, but no interviews, so you can perhaps see some of my logic in considering doing two interviews for a single upcoming issue.  But let me tell you that apart from being formatted along the same lines in the end, these interviews are two very different non-fiction creations.

The first interview originated as they often do for me; I got to know someone via the web who turned out to be engaging, interesting, talented, and inspiring. Wanting to interview her came out of getting to know her better.

The second happened the other way around; I scoured the web for the ideal person to interview for the specific issue I’m working on, sent her my invitation and received an enthusiastic reply. I got to know her better as the interview progressed.

The first interview is about the person being interviewed, and the second interview is mainly focused on the topic of SciFi/Fantasy and Anthropomorphism. One interviewee is an author and the other is a scientist. They both do a lot of research, but usually for different reasons. They each have very different professional backgrounds – although both in something geeky and technical, coincidentally – and different cultural heritages.

They have two obvious things in common, the most important of which in the context of their interviews is their great love for Speculative Fiction. Perhaps more important in the broader contexts of Science and SFF is the fact that they are both women.

So my ‘privilege and delight’ of the week exists on multiple levels. Not only did I have the pleasure of getting better acquainted with two highly educated, successful people who work in fields that I’m interested in and care very much about (Science and Writing), I also enjoyed getting to visit with two women who live every day outside traditional roles for women.

I wish I could say that wasn’t such a  rare ocurrence.

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