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May 21st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

That would be how we react to the proof copy of the Print edition when it arrives, every month without fail. The Issue 7 proof came today. I’m actually slightly dissatisfied with it – the red is too “hot” in the cover art. I think I may have inadvertently caused that when I was dealing with the Moire patterns (mentioned in this post). I’m going to see if I can figure out what happened tomorrow, and depending on what I learn I may resubmit the cover and order a new proof, since we (should) have time to get it in before 6/1.

I worked some more on the Kindle edition today; it’s really close to done, but I’d rather go to bed than finish now. It’ll be there tomorrow. Also, I sent a payment to a contributor today, via paypal; much easier than sending a check, but I’m loathe to ask the recipient to pay the fees, so checks are our default. Paypal, we’ll use when people tell us they’re ok with the fees.

I also answered a couple of email queries. Most queries are very reasonable questions, but folks… really, if our guidelines say something, don’t email asking if you can do something else. They’re guidelines, not suggestions. We state clearly that we only take short stories up to 8000 words – don’t ask if we’ll take your 12,000-word story. Really don’t just send the story. We may – may, on very rare occasion, take a story that’s within 100 or so words of our min or max. But it would have to be really exceptional.

In fact, although I know this gets said by every agent or publisher or editor who blogs or writes about the topic of submissions, I’ll just state it again: The surest way to get off on the wrong foot when making a submission is to not follow the submission guidelines. Even little things can make more work for us, and we have enough of that. K and I do our best to ignore those errors, especially little ones, but after a while it starts to irritate even the most relaxed slush reader.

Project Wonderful continues to be a learning experience for me. I’ve only been using it for about 3 days, so new things keep cropping up. Today I discovered that a TINY ad – seriously, 117×30 pixels, that’s like 1/2 your thumbnail – could be more bang for your buck than a ginormous banner ad at the top of a site. Go figure. We’ve had some solid traffic to the site the last few days, which has been very satisfying.

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