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May 16th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

This post’s title brought to you by the song that is stuck in my head.

Today, Matt helped finish setting up the Subscribers access for those who bought early subscriptions. Matt also sent me a written explanation of how he’d done it, since as far as we could tell no one in the plugin’s forums had posted the solution to that problem yet. I cut-and-pasted his explanation into a post there, which hopefully will help others having the same problem.

The email that I was expecting (mentioned in my last post) arrived. Then I discovered that we hadn’t received one of the author bios! I emailed the author, and it turned out they’d already written the bio, but forgot to send it. So I had it within about 25 minutes. Then I triple-checked and yes, we do have everything we need for Issue 7. So this weekend I’ll be busting ass on the Print edition.

One thing I meant to do this week was send out signed copies of contracts and payments – it’s not really time yet but I like to be a bit ahead. But I ran out of time this week, so I’ll do it on Monday.

Oh yeah – yesterday I pointed out the new Website Spotlight and Headlines sections on the front page of the website. What I forgot to say was: If you have suggestions for sites that you think should be spotlighted, or relevant articles, send them our way and we may add them! Send them to cg@crossedgenres.com.

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