Fail, Pt. II

Apr 28th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Whoops, forgot to post again last night. Not really a lot going on yesterday… Mainly we’ve been going through submissions to Issue 7, and i’ve been working on the new site. My friend who’d been helping me figure out WordPress¬† has been awol for a few days so it’s been slow going.

We’ve also had a bit of a surge of Fiction submissions in the past couple days; we’re now right up around where were last month. That’s always nice to see. We’re also expecting to be extra busy with submissions in May – why will probably be clear on the 1st.

For some reason we’ve also gotten a much higher number of artist submissions and/or queries this month. I’m not really sure where that came from. However, considering the extra subs, I thought this might be an opportune moment to point out a few things you shouldn’t do when making submissions, based on some of my observations:

  1. Don’t send a submission until you’ve thoroughly read the submission guidelines. Really – we can tell if you haven’t.
  2. After you’ve read the guidelines, you should know that we are primarily a SF/F market. Don’t send us submissions without even the slightest hint of SF/F in them.
  3. Yes, we accept Nonfiction submissions. But they have to be relevant. Don’t send us your passionate treatise that has nothing to do with SF/F, writing, publishing, the current genre, and in fact has no connection to anything we’ve ever done.
  4. Don’t simply attach your submission and hit “Send” – especially if that submission is artwork. It’s very hard to take a submission seriously if you don’t even include your name.

Someday I’ll do a post with some of the most amusing (and head-scratch-inducing) things we’ve seen. I’ve probably got enough for a post now, but I’ll save it for a really slow day.

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