Father’s Day

Jun 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Up until late on Friday I’d actually forgotten that today is Father’s Day. Go figure. Had a great day; my son got me a great gift (apparently he picked it out himself, although he had a bit of help paying for it); watched a movie with my wife (The Forbidden Kingdom – not as bad as I’d feared); had takeout, and most importantly, I played with my son. I mean, it’s Father’s Day – what better way is there to spend it?

I did find time to post the Flash Fiction contest finalists, and declare voting open. Many of you have noticed this already, as there’ve been a good few votes cast already. Voting is open through the end of the month, so tell your friends to come read some great flash fic and cast their votes!

There was also the neverending correspondence. Today involved another email to the artist who may be doing a webcomic for us. I also did a bit of prepping for some emails/letters I’ll send tomorrow. Kay spent a good part of the day researching for an upcoming interview.

I also got more done on the Print edition of Issue 8! I formatted both interviews, inserted them into the main document and tweaked them until they looked just right. Now all that’s left is the stories, which I’ll get to tomorrow, and then it’ll be done. Then I can get started on one of the remaining four formats (.pdf, .prc, Kindle & online). *Falls over*

Oh, and I discovered something today; someone actually reviewed the Kindle edition of Issue 5 on Amazon! Amazingly it’s the first Amazon review of any of our issues, in any format. So if anyone out there who’s picked up any of our copies (except Issue 1) would care to do us a favor, please head over to Amazon and leave a review!

One last thing: This Tuesday, June 23rd, is the first Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day! Celebrate by blogging about your favorite writer(s), or reading a good SFF book, or even writing some SFF yourself. I’m going to try and do all three!

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