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Apr 15th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

Posting this at supersonic speed because it’s chore night at Crossed Genres HQ, in addition to being one of my busiest nights of the week.

Today’s checklist:

[x] Email new potential artist for Anthropomorphism month (cross your fingers for us!)

[x] Check-in with Urban SFF artist (all is well)

[x] Answer questions/build rapport with secret artist (good times)

[x] Review print version of Western issue (it looks great!)

Yesterday/Very Early This Morning checklist:

[x] Finish simple graphic for our AMAZING Earth Day promo (official announcement soon)

[x] Draft the ‘Outline’ that follows…

There are other aspects of life that sometimes fall by the wayside so I can work on Crossed Genres.

-My own writing. I used to finish writing something every week. A short story, a drabble, a section of my semi-autobiography, etc. Now I feel lucky to finish one or two of my short WIPs per month. Lucky, I say!

-My online social life. Especially my Livejournal friends-list, my Tweeps, and my WoW guildies. Fortunately, most of my friends are writers, artists, or fans, so they are very understanding. They hardly mind our relationships being sacrificed to the Genre Deities at all…

-My art. Once upon a time, I drew constantly. Even more compulsively than I wrote. Nowadays? Eh, not so much. And I don’t blame my friends for hounding me to work on their favorite artistic WIPs. People seem to live on art, have you noticed?

Some things NEVER fall by the wayside.

-Family. I may grumble about leaving the house for gatherings, and I may beg my toddler to allow me five uninterrupted minutes in which to compose an email, but ultimately? If it weren’t for Bart, our son, and our Boston-area family, Crossed Genres would be impossible. Family first, then business (it helps that this is a family business).

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  1. With such a workload every month, I suppose ‘vacation’ isn’t something you’ve heard about? 😉

  2. Oh, we’ll vacation alright. It happens in August, just in time for my birthday. It’s called WorldCon and it’s technically a business expense.

    How’s that for a vacation? :))

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