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Oct 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

I thought I was going to get burned out, having to read so much in such a short time. But I’m not, for 2 reasons. First, the quality of stories we got for the LGBTQ issue was exceptional – our shortlist was far larger, even percentage-wise, than usual. And second, we’re so damn excited that we want to keep working!

We’ve read everything, and discussed each option thoroughly, and we’ve made our final decisions about which stories and artwork we want to accept. It was NOT easy, either. Usually we initially narrow down to 12-14 submissions, and then narrow again to a shortlist of 7-8, from which we pick 5-6 for the issue. This month our initial narrowing left us with 29, and from there we went to a shortlist of 17. Kay and I also argued a bit more than usual on our final selections – there were really just too many good stories, and we each had favorites. But I think that disagreeing in this case is good, because it forces us to really deeply consider every aspect of a story. We’re beyond thrilled at the final ToC for the issue.

We have not contacted people about their submissions yet! If you haven’t heard from us, it doesn’t mean anything – we only resolved the last choices a few hours ago, and there just wasn’t time to get emails out. We’ll be taking care of that tomorrow, barring any unforeseen problems.

Tomorrow also begins a mad rush of editing – we have twice as many stories as usual to get through! Fortunately all the working ahead we did puts us in a good place, as does having the articles and interview edited already. The next few days will be nothing but editing, really, and communicating with the contributors and arranging contracts.

We’re now accepting Action/Adventure submissions for issue 13! Send us those exciting fights or chase scenes you’ve been working on!

And if you haven’t, Go and read issue 11! Our HORROR issue turned out great – and please let the contributors know what you think of their work in the comments!

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