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Apr 19th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

comes a website!

I pretty much did ALL the updating of the website today: added HTML code to the text, sized the images, created the new pages, sorted how to display the issue’s extra visual content, fixed hyperlinks… all of it. I’ll still have to go through it all and tweak everything, but it’s pretty much done. In one day – go me!

Go Kay as well… as her post clearly shows, she was incredibly productive today too! *high-fives Kay*

So Issue 6… is pretty much done. There’s always more bits and pieces to do, and some things that have to wait until the last day or two before release, and we’re still waiting for the proof of the print edition. But all the major stuff has been taken care of; we’re really looking at the home stretch now. This time of the month is always exciting. Can’t WAIT to see the proof!!

Tomorrow I’ll be merging the parts of the PDF and uploading it to our server. I’m also going to start making calls about the screening to try and track down a venue. Exciting time!

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