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Apr 1st, 2010 | By | Category: CG Blog

Wow what a night! This post may be long as there’s much to talk about!

First, as I posted late last night, Issue 17: ANTIHERO has been released! This issue is amazing; please read, view and enjoy!

Today we are also officially accepting entries to the Science in My Fiction contest! You can now submit your entry via the simple online form. Entries will be accepted until June 30.

Also! Please preorder your copy of the contest winners! If you aren’t a subscriber, this is the only way you’ll get to read them, and the only time you’ll have the chance to get them in print! After the contest is over we won’t be selling any more copies! Preorders will only be open until May 31!

Remember how, for most of March, I was imploring people to spread the word about the Eastern issue, since submissions were incredibly thin? Well thank you to everyone who did, because it WORKED. To our utter delight, we were absolutely slammed with submissions right at the end of the month! We received 60% of the month’s submissions in the last three days! The boost was so enormous that it got us all the way up to our average! Our valiant slush readers have been working their butts off, but there’s still some unread stories. Amazing. One of these days I’ll actually accept that early numbers don’t mean anything. At any rate, we’ll be reading manically over the next few days.

We also got a look at the almost-completed cover art for the Eastern issue. It is beautiful! An incredible contrast to the Antihero cover art. The artist is from Thailand and has done a wonderful job of capturing both the Eastern theme and the essence of CG and SFF. Lovely.

Now we’re on to accepting submissions for our next issue! The Gadgets & Artifacts issue wants stories in which some SF or F object is integral to the story. Beyond that, be as creative as you want! Submissions open until April 30.

This month is your last chance to read and/or buy the Western issue! With some terrific stories, a great article about the first ever science fiction western, and the first cover of ours done by Nicc Balce! Nicc’s done a couple more covers for us since, including the cover of the Year One anthology. Check out Issue 6, and consider picking up a copy before it’s too late!

Finally, one last item I want to draw attention to: We have the Upcoming Genres for the next 5 issues posted every month, and right now that takes us through the end of our 2nd year (!). As with the end of our first year, we’ve decided to do an oversized special edition to mark the end of the 2nd year. For a theme, we’ve chosen Characters of Color. For this issue, the main character(s) of every story and every piece of artwork must be a character of color. We’ve chosen this theme to encourage more broad inclusion of CoC’s, which are distinctly underrepresented in SFF.

Post title from Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman

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