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Aug 1st, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

I was up late last night getting the issue out, so I was exhausted and forgot to post. This morning I posted separately about Issue 9’s content.

So yesterday… oye. Well we got a bunch of stories at the last minute, like usual… even a couple within the last hour. Overall we eclipsed our previous highest submission total by 33%. Not bad. Hopefully the new Current Genre and the ones beyond that (Horror and LGBTQ) will continue the trend.

We managed to get them all read before we collapsed for the night – which partially explains why I was too tired to remember posting. Today we’ll go back over them and make our final choices, and send out some emails. Yesterday I did send out a round of rejections; I didn’t get to them all of course, and then there were stories that came in afterwards. Some basic rule as ever applies: if you haven’t heard from us, assume nothing.

Last night I posted the new issue to the website. It was prepped, so it didn’t take ridiculously long, but I realized that on the Issue 9 page, for some reason I hadn’t put in the Fiction URLs in the HTML. I’d done so everywhere else…weird. But it didn’t take much to fix. I also sent emails to the issue’s contributors, letting them know the issue was out and giving them their complementary digital editions. It’s still a bit too early to see what kind of reaction the issue gets, especially since a lot of people sleep in on Saturdays (wish I could).

The first day of the month and the next few after are usually kept busy with reading submissions. But since we planned ahead and have read them all, after we contact submitting authors, we’ll be frantically getting ready for our WorldCon trip. I’m not going to post the whole long list of things we have to do, but wow are we busy. Also, we’re going to have to trim down our “Stuff to take” list or it might not fit in the trunk.

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