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Jun 4th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

I read a ton more today, and I’ve actually read everything now: Kay has another 3 or 4 stories to go. I’ve narrowed it down in my mind to 7 stories; when Kay’s finished we’ll compare notes and see if our preferences line up.

I have to say – we got a wonderful range of stories this month. Vast differences in style, topic, characters, settings… a wonderful diversity of type. It helped that almost 25% of our submissions came from outside of North America. We love seeing that, and hope the trend continues!

I spent some more time working in Project Wonderful today. Still fascinated by the process. I also took a look at the list of “Incoming Links”, which WordPress is so kind to keep track of. I gotta say, seeing former contributors, completely unprompted, comment about how pleasant we were to work with just makes my day. 🙂

I also set up a time to get together with Nick of Prospero Design, which does freelance internet marketing and strategy; we’re going to talk about improving the visibility of the site.

SUBMIT TO US! (I love writing that – it sounds much more Evil Overlord-ish than it really is)
Flash Fiction Contest!
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