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Sep 27th, 2009 | By | Category: CG Blog

We got back some of the edited content with comments, all of which were pretty reasonable. So I was able to take some of it and get it formatted and inserted into the document for the print edition. The new layout looks pretty kickass with actual text in it! I also worked on some more details slightly reworking the print layout to adjust for things that became clear when content was added. No big deal, but a bit time-consuming. And I fixed a problem that had been annoying me with the new Table of Contents layout.

Submissions: still very slow. A few more today, but we’re now a good bit behind even where we were last month. Kind of disappointing. Of course there’s still the chance we’ll get flooded between now and Wednesday (which would make us happy, even though it means we’d lose a lot of sleep trying to catch up with reading). FOUR more days to submit to the LGBTQ issue!

The proof copy of Issue 11 didn’t come today. That means I get another two days (at least) to worry about it, since now the earliest it could come is Monday. Argh.

One way or another, Issue 11 is set for Release Day on Thursday. Problems with the Print edition aside, we’re very pleased with this issue, which has some magnificent content. Of course I say that every month, but every month it’s true!

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